Dress Designs Stitched Only For You

Libas Poshak brings to you an exclusive range of Stitched for You articles from its latest Unstitched Eid Collection. With Ramadan and Eid approaching, the focus of our lives is slowly shifting to adjusting to the festivities of the holy month.

We here at Libas Poshak, always put extra love and attention to detail in our readymade dress designs. Our mantra is to curate excellent pieces for you to shop online through a click of a button.

This season with Libas Poshak Stitched for You collection, you do not have to run around finding your Eid dresses and Eid day outfits. Online shopping will save you your energy this Ramadan, and you can shop modish designs and trending cuts through Libas Poshak online store.

This capsule is especially for the working women, or any one who does not want to go through the tiresome process of getting unstitched suits, running to the tailors and waiting for them to get stitched.

Explore through our limited range of stitched suits from Unstitched Eid Edition 1 collection and curate a picturesque Eid outfit making your Eid worthwhile.

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